Saturday, March 28, 2009

Interlude: Contest Countdown and More

With only


days left until the contest deadline, I've been thinking about the word count for stories on the site.

When A Twist Of Noir started, the count was split between flash fiction and longer fiction and it took Seth Harwood to say on that A Twist Of Noir's word count was up to 3,000 words for me to say, "You know what? He's right. It makes no sense to split off flash and any other fiction."

So I changed that real early.

Now, with this contest allowing everyone to go up to 5,000 words, I'm starting to wonder if I've been hindering anyone with the usual 3,000 word limit.

Don't get me wrong. I think every story that has seen posting on A Twist Of Noir has been nothing short of phenomenal. And, for the record, there has never been a story rejected on this site (there was only one instance in which I asked a writer to go back and rewrite for reasons that became apparent to him and he handled that situation like a pro) and that's testament to all of you and your talent.

My question is whether or not you want to see the 3,000 word limit change. I don't want to lower it (unless it's for a contest challenge or something similar; yes, I can be a bastard, just ask the contestants who have had to play with the theme of alienation) but I want to know if anyone wants to see the limit raised.

Let me know what you think.


Anonymous said...

I have no problem with the shorter limit of 3000. Haven't even come close to it, even with the contest allowing 5k. But that's just me, some writers have a style that requires a bit more elbow room. But when it comes to reading stories on the 'Net, for me shorter is better. That is to say, the shorter the story, the more willing I am to sit in front of a monitor and read it.

Paul Brazill said...

3000 is more than enough for me!

Al Tucher said...

I have a couple of reprints that run over the limit, but other than that, 3000 works for me also. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

Eric Beetner said...

I agree that for web reading 3000 is fine. Much of my writing is longer but I enjoy the challenge of writing for economy. There are stories that require more so as a writer I wish it was more some times but as a reader the 3000 keeps it in the realm of the lunch break where most of my reading is done. The other reading is squeezing it in while I should be working so shorter is better for that too.
Once I'm done with my working two jobs nightmare I have some stuff plotted out ready to go when I get my nights back to be able to write. Then I can catch up to Jake and Paul with their voluminous output.