Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Interlude: March's A Twist Of Noir Contest Update

I now have all three judges' votes in hand.

I hope that all of you who took part had fun, above all else, challenging yourselves to write what you considered to be the best story that you could write (which is every story we sit down and write, isn't it?).

I also hope that you will bear with me and the three judges in our decision-making process.

I promise everyone here that I will have the results of this contest no later than Friday.

There's one sticking point as two judges have voted for the same two stories in inverted fashion. The third judge did not vote for either of these two stories and, as the system of a three-judge panel allows, I will be turning to this third judge to get their tie-breaking vote.

I already have third place sewn up and I will announce that winner along with the other two winners as soon as I have the deciding vote.

Thank you for your patience while we sort this out.


Keith Rawson said...

Keep us Twisting, Christopher!

Paul Brazill said...

looking forward to this!


I never get around to entering these things but I'm looking forward to the results.