Sunday, February 28, 2010


I have had to make a change in the way that comments are moderated here at A Twist Of Noir, due to the fact there has been some spam and a handful of vile comments (that fortunately I caught before too many people say them) in the last month or so.

So now, if you have something to say, it has to go through a filter (me) and will then either make it to the site (which will be the majority of the comments made, I'm sure) or will never see the light of day.

It is my hope that everyone that reads the stories here at ATON enjoy them and, if they feel compelled to make comment, they do so respectfully. Unfortunately, there are still some that feel that they need to ruin it for the rest of us.

Because I value the writers whose stories you read here and because I put their comfort above all else, the comments will now meet my eyes first.


Chad Eagleton said...

Understood, Christopher. Had to do the same thing at Dogfight. Massive amount of spam started popping up.

Unknown said...

Sorry to hear this, bud. You've enough work to do maintaining the site to its top notch level.