Friday, March 12, 2010

Introduction To J.F. Juzwik’s BLIND DATE

I created The Deaf Guy (who still hasn't told me his name) for Dan O’Shea’s Church Challenge and thought that he would do what he does best: go unnoticed, slip in, slip out and fade into the night.

I figured that I would revisit him from time to time and there’d be some interest in him.

I had no clue.

First, Eric Beetner said to get on this character pronto because it would be hot, hot, hot.

Then Jimmy Callaway said the same thing and wrote a beautiful love letter to me, via The Deaf Guy.

It was after that that I told everyone that read the comments that I was thinking about opening up this character to be borrowed by whomever wished to do so, as long as they didn’t prostitute the character.

And Joyce took me up on the offer.

The story she has written is nothing short of breathtaking. It has so much action, while The Deaf Guy doesn’t move much more than a couple muscles, to reach down and raise the coffee mug to his lips.

It’s a sort of surreal experience watching a character that you created come to life under someone else’s “pen”. Surreal and exceedingly fun.

Joyce builds on the blocks that I built and Jimmy built upon and she does it so well.

Without further ado...BLIND DATE.

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