Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Twist Of Noir 502 - AJ Hayes


Father Conner got gunned down on the corner of 19th Street and Grand Avenue yesterday.

I knew it was coming and maybe I should have warned him.

But his small, sweaty hands had taught me years ago to keep my mouth shut, so I did.

BIO: AJ Hayes is from San Diego and – god help him – good friends with Jimmy (Mad Dog) Callaway and Josh (Gut Ripper) Converse, who provide great advice and the occasional smack in the mouth with the butt of a .45.


Jimmy Callaway said...

Fuck, yeah.

Anonymous said...

Justice is served, a nice tight piece of writing.

Unknown said...

Very nice. I like the short-to-the point narrative.

Chad Eagleton said...

Good stuff, man. Compact and precise but still conveys scene and character.

Joyce said...

So much said with so few words. Outstanding piece, AJ.

Anonymous said...

A beauty