Monday, October 17, 2011

Interlude Stories: Stephen D. Rogers


So here’s the scoop. You, you’re going to wait outside. You park illegally and you keep the engine running. You want to be noticed.

That’s the key to this whole thing working. You’re the bait that’s going to lead the cops away from the money.

Maybe they cite you for speeding or driving to endanger or failing to stop, but they can’t tag you for the robbery since there’s nothing linking you to the job except for their assumptions.

If they do charge you, afterwards, you sue them for false arrest. You don’t even have to split whatever the court awards you since you’re the one who had to go through the booking process.

So you wait outside the bank. We come out the door and jump in your car. You take off and go around the corner where we jump out and get into the van. You take off again leading law enforcement on a merry chase.

When they stop you, you know nothing.

When they say witnesses saw the robbers get into your car, you break down and confess you were carjacked but that we threatened to come back and kill you if you ever talked.

You ask for police protection. Of course they’re not going to provide it, but throwing that curve will confuse them.

The reason you were parked outside the bank? You wanted to pull over to make a call. They can’t complain about that.

Once you’re free and clear, I’ll be in contact to give you your share.

And again, if you decide to sue the cops, you keep one hundred percent of whatever you get.

Sounds good, right?

BIO: Stephen D. Rogers is the co-author of A MISCELLANY OF MURDER and the author of SHOT TO DEATH, THREE-MINUTE MYSTERIES, and more than 700 shorter pieces. His website,, includes a list of new and upcoming titles as well as other timely information.

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Anonymous said...

Love me a good win/win situation. Only I keep thinking that for the bait to work, it has to be gobbled up. Right. But what the hell, let's gett'er dun.