Sunday, February 1, 2009

Interlude #6

The new Crooked has dropped. Go have a look. It's another all-star caliber lineup of authors. I'm going to have a read as soon as I'm done here.

The contest for March is starting to pick up, with a couple of early entrants already in the mix. I don't mind telling you that these two entrants are very well-known on the net and that their entries are going to be stiff competition.

No pressure, though. You have until March 31 to get yours in for the possibility of taking up to $25 in cash.

Hey, that's Ken Bruen's new novel Once Were Cops and some change right there!

Stephen D. Rogers is the latest author at Beat To A Pulp, outstandingly put together by David Cranmer, Elaine Ash and DMix.

And, at some point when I wasn't looking, Sandra Seamans snuck in with a tale of her own.

Check them both out.

And friend of A Twist Of Noir Gerard Brennan has an interview with Reed Farrel Coleman at his blog Crime Scene NI.

Check that out, too.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to read Crooked #2.


Gerard Brennan said...

Thanks a million for the mention, Christopher.



Christopher Grant said...

Absolutely welcome, Gerard.

David Cranmer said...

Thanks Chris. I appreciate the plug and I will check these other links.