Thursday, February 5, 2009

Interlude #7

More Gerard Brennan news, as he has a new story in the stream, over at Thuglit. Titled Hard Rock, this tale of a literal femme fatale and a hard rocker needs to be read to be believed.

Nice work on this one, Gerard. I especially love the subtle Room 187 snuck in there.

Let this be a cautionary tale to all of you rockers out there. Don't go for the looney tunes groupie with a fetish for choking herself during sex or employ a necrophiliac roadie in your entourage.

Best line of the story? "It felt so wrong to be struggling on the floor with a pink-skinned, almost naked, fat man wearing a ribbed condom. But life throws shit like that at you sometimes."

If that doesn't recommend the story, I don't know what will.

Meanwhile, Al Tucher has a new Diana Andrews story in the exact same issue of Thuglit. This one is called The Full Hour. In this one, Diana is kidnapped (sort of) and made to hear the final confession of a housewife who just couldn't take her husband's cheating ways anymore.

I've called Diana Andrews one of the most intriguing voices in hardboiled fiction and this installment continues to make me believe that sentiment.

Another great Diana, Al.


Al Tucher said...

Thanks, Christopher!

Gerard Brennan said...

You're a saint, man. Much appreciated.


Christopher Grant said...

Al and Gerard,

Both of you write such kiss-ass stuff, it's my pleasure to promote anything you do as much as I possibly can.