Thursday, November 5, 2009


Pixie J. King.

Probably not a name that you've heard before, unless you've been clued in (until today, I hadn't heard her name) or been over to Thrillers, Killers 'N' Chillers (where I am all the time) today.

I will lay money that you will be hearing a lot from her in the future.

Go on over to TKNC and check out SWIRLS OF WONDER, a most interesting, intriguing, gut-wrenching, heart punch of a debut.

And when you're done reading, drop her a line or make a comment in the comment section.

She's the youngest writer that TKNC has published and, as long as she continues to write, she's got a brilliant career ahead of her.

Check out her websites, which she has linked on TKNC, and see what else she has to offer.

SWIRLS is only the tip of the iceberg.

After you've done all that, go have a look at that long-awaited eighth installment of what I've been calling my drug of choice, DOGFIGHT.

Entitled RUSSIAN DANCE, this ain't your father's Barishnikov. Brian Roe goes the extra mile with Doyle's side of the story and the overall story is heading into the last five chapters. And what a ride it's going to be!


Col Bury said...

Really nice of you to mention this, Chris. Says a lot about you as the top bloke we know you are. Pixie will be absolutely thrilled, mate.
Many thanks.

Christopher Grant said...

My pleasure, Col.

I hope she is thrilled and I hope she keeps on writing.

SWIRLS is simply spectacular.

Pixie J King said...

Well, this was a nice surprise yesterday morning. I've only just got around to commenting.

This is all just surreal to wrap my head around.

Thank you ever so much Chris, I just hope I can deliver up to everybody's expectations...

Christopher Grant said...


You're very welcome.

I would advise you not to try and deliver to everyone's high standard but instead deliver to your own.

From personal experience, if you get caught up in what everyone else wants, you start to second guess your own voice (and you have a unique voice already) and you can't deliver even what you expect of yourself.

Again, you're extremely welcome and I can't wait to read your next story/poem/whatever you decide to write.

David Barber said...

Yeah, great call Chris. SWIRLS was a great read that was well written. I too am looking forward to her future work.
Great piece on TK'n'C by the way!
Regads, David.