Monday, November 16, 2009

A Twist Of Noir 256 - Alun Williams


She screamed, but no one could hear. She pounded the glass relentlessly until she tired. Her arms ached, her body ached, although her mind closed out the pain with adrenaline. Her prison, a box no more than eight-by-eight, was cold. She ran through the events of the last twenty-four hours over in her mind again. She had no answers as to who had abducted her and even less as to why. She remembered a bar, music, her friends. Someone bought her a drink...yes, a cocktail...that she remembered. She called out again. Her voice echoed around the four walls causing her to be disorientated. Panic! Taking a few deep breaths, she tried to adjust her eyes to the darkness that surrounded her prison. Someone was watching her, she sensed it. She slapped the glass with her hand and slowly fell to her knees, down into the foetal position. She protected her near naked body and wept.

Roy Lipton sat quietly in his chair, in the darkness, wishing he was someone else. He hadn't asked to be Roy Lipton. He wanted to be Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic. That movie had woken him up, made him feel alive. That scene, the one in the car with Kate Winslet, was etched in his mind. The one where they made love and her hand slapped against the window. Each time he thought of it...oh God. The pupils of his eyes widened as he caught a glimpse of the girl's nipple. This one was the best yet as she had that same innocent look that Kate did in Titanic. The ones that had been before had been street girls, rough and ugly.

“Why was she crying? Kate Winslet didn't cry!”

The girl's breathing was shallow and condensation was already beginning to cover the cold glass panes of his creation. He stood up and switched on his video camera and checked that he had positioned it to take the exact shot he wanted. He undid the belt on his trousers and walked over to the glass box.

Pretty soon, she would slap her hand against the glass in ecstasy, just like Kate...

BIO: Alun Williams, 55. Born and still residing in Wales. Member of Crittersbar (writing under maxieslim), Zoetrope and Scrawl (writing as Maxwell Allen) and has had several shorts published in Write Side Up, Bonfire, Twisted Tongue, Skive, The Legendary and various others. Loves noir and Charles Bukowski.


Joyce said...

Absolutely terrifying. You can feel the girl's fear. This is not going to have a happy ending. Well done.

David Barber said...

Well written piece, Alun. Good stuff.
Regards, David.