Friday, September 3, 2010

A Twist Of Noir 569 - Kelly Whitley


She met him through a mutual friend, and he promised to call her the next day. Scout’s honor.

She called him a week later, and dated him for months.

She accepted his marriage proposal, and he promised to be faithful. Scout’s honor.

She met his new secretary, and he started working late.

She found out about the affair, and he promised never to do it again. Scout’s honor.

She agreed to meet him at the restaurant for their anniversary, and he never showed.

She threatened to leave him, and he swore he couldn’t live without her. Scout’s honor.

She followed him on his next out-of-town business meeting, and discovered it took place at a Holiday Inn.

She told the police she’d been home with a mutual friend and couldn’t have killed him with his own gun. Scout’s honor.

BIO: Kelly has been writing for years, but is new to the art form of flash-- the shorter, the better.


Anonymous said...

Glad I'm first in so I get to say it. Give the lady merit badges in Animal Husbandry, Marksmanship and Tracking. Scout's honor. Economical, comical and lots of other words that end in "ical." Okay, one more: Hysterical. Light, bright and oh so right an ending. Grim irony served up on a tasty bed of satire.
Thanks Kelly, it made me laugh.

Jim Harrington said...

Well done, Kelly.

Jimmy Callaway said...

Yes, please.

Michael Solender said...

And their motto is : Always be prepared. I guess he wasn't. Good thing SHE was.