Friday, September 3, 2010

A Twist Of Noir 572 - Cameron Ashley


It’s not in the first stall, so he cleans. Fluorescent light gleams off the curve of the bowl.

It’s not in the second stall, so he cleans. He makes icy blue tiles a ceramic lattice of hygiene and lemon-scented sterility.

It’s in the third stall, curling into a lazy, blonde figure eight on the rim of the seat.

He closes the door. The space is now intimate and theirs. He bags the hair and pockets it.

He cleans. He makes the stall like she never was. Like nobody ever was.

Tomorrow he’ll meet another.

Tonight he’s all hers.

BIO: Cameron Ashley is one part of the troika of editors at Crime Factory and lives in Melbourne, Australia.


Michael Solender said...

ah..yes perversion in pure finery..why do I like this??

Jimmy Callaway said...

Ashley, Ashley, Ashley.

Garnett Elliott said...

Brilliant--the public/pubic fetish revealed.

Anonymous said...

Hey! C'mon! There's no place on earth cleaner than a public washroom. Nothing taking place in those pure white sparkling spaces could be twisted. Right? And may I just say . . . ewwww. Very very, uh, yeah. Very. . . um . . . Very.
Cool stuff, Cameron.

Paul D Brazill said...

Short, sharp and nasty.Good one.

Unknown said...

Nice! Sick stuff, Cam.

Anonymous said...

Clever premise, well executed.

Alan Griffiths said...

So short but so, so good. I liked this a lot - very well done sir.