Thursday, February 24, 2011

Richard Godwin’s APOSTLE RISING

You all know Richard. You all know his short fiction. Now for something a little different.

Cat Currie at New Books says: “A novel that is a must for fans of Val McDermid’s Tony Hill and Ian Rankin’s Rebus... Richard Godwin managed [Apostle Rising] with ease and kept me hooked from start to finish.”

And Bookgasm’s Bruce Grossman writes: “Richard Godwin’s debut crime novel, Apostle Rising, is a dark police procedural in the vein of other current UK writers, in that it does an amazing job of sucking in the reader right away and never letting up...For a debut crime novel, it makes a great introduction to Goodwin’s style and talent for prose. Be on the lookout for hopefully many more.”

Check out the video, order and buy the book. You won’t regret anything except that at some point the story does come to an end.


Chris Rhatigan said...

Got my copy in the mail today.

I usually don't like book trailers, but that was pretty slick.

Unknown said...


I would say good luck but you certainly don't need that. Congratulations and you count me in as an owner of this book.

-Jim Wilsky

Anonymous said...

I read it straight through. Hard to put down. And here's a great big tip: DO NOT read this late at night when you're the only one home. You'll spend the rest of the night double checking every lock in your domicile.

Charles Gramlich said...

Mine is on the way

Anonymous said...

Hey guys thank you all for your support. It means a lot.

Joyce said...

I began reading it as soon as it arrived and didn't put it down until I was done. It is such a complex story, but the flow is perfect and you will always know who's who and what's going on at any point.

I completely agree with AJ. DO NOT read this by a nightlight in an otherwise dark house. Make it easy on youself. Lock yourself in tight and turn on every light you have. You'll sleep better.

If I had to rate Apostle Rising on a five-star system, with five being excellent, I'd give it an eleven. Yes. It's THAT good!

Anonymous said...

Joyce thank you so much.
I'm glad you enjoyed it.