Friday, March 11, 2011

Big Challenge Story Drop Planned For Monday

It has been




since a Challenge story has appeared at ATON.

This Monday, that changes.


Al Tucher said...

Glad you're back, Christopher. Been waitin'!

Naomi Johnson said...

I was afraid you didn't love us anymore. Lookin' forward to the big day!

Christopher Grant said...

Al, the wait's almost over.

Naomi, as if I could ever stop loving any of you.

Monday's going to be non-stop fun. Hope everyone's buckled in.

nigel p bird said...

Lovely to see the news. It's such a cracking series. I reckon we'll be queueing round the virtual block for this set.

Hope all's well,


Anonymous said...

Read 'em all. Every one a gem. Worth the wait for sure.