Monday, September 14, 2009


Where to start?

There's probably going to be about ten of these in the next two days, what with all the good stuff out there.

Over at Darkest Before The Dawn, Keith Rawson and Chad Eagleton team up to show us PICTURES OF YOU.

This reads so smoothly, I was doubting that it was actually a collaboration. That's testament to the abilities of Mr. Rawson and Mr. Eagleton, who really fucking know what they're doing with a story.

So who else really fucking knows what he's doing with a story?

Jimmy Callaway, who else?

Over at Thrillers, Killers 'N' Chillers (my home away from home), Jimmy informs us that PANTHER MCDANIELS WORKS FOR NO MAN.

And he does it with a bang, giving up a small fortune. Yeah, think you know what happens? Unless you've read it, you have no idea.

And, of course, the fourth chapter of THE DOGFIGHT is now up and the story takes a twist. Where does it go from here? That's the question but I know this much: in the hands of Brian Roe and the aforementioned Chad Eagleton, it's going to be really interesting.


Jimmy Callaway said...

Grant, you sure know how to make a fella feel right at home, yes sir.

Chad Eagleton said...

Thanks, again for the linkage.