Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Interlude #3

The editor speaks again.

First of all, I want to thank everyone that has contributed to A Twist Of Noir over the last month and a half. This place has succeeded beyond my wildest dreams and it's because of every writer that's seen fit to send along messages from the Dark Cities of their minds.

So thank you, everyone.

Second, I'd like to ask everyone to go check out Eastern Standard Crime. Geoff Eighinger has been kind enough to review a good bit of what you've all been writing and, while there have been a couple stories that he hasn't taken to, he is always honest in his estimations.

In addition to checking out Eastern Standard Crime, you might think about sending something for Geoff's Crooked E-Zine. The January issue looks to be chock full of material but the February issue is a little sparse and the whole reason that I even started A Twist Of Noir was because of the closing of both DZ Allen's Muzzle Flash and Demolition Mag, which severely limited our outlets as crime writers. Let's not let Crooked fall before it's even off the ground.

Third, note The Lineup alongside the stories here at A Twist Of Noir. This makes it easier to search the archives.

Fourth, we're just a couple days or is it a couple of weeks...we're just a bit away from the relaunch of Bad Things, Christopher Pimental's crime E-Zine. Head over, check it out, read the guidelines and shoot.

Finally, in 2009, there will be a few contests here at A Twist Of Noir. While I can't say much about these contests at the moment (though I will over the course of the next week or so), I will say this: they will be noir/crime-themed contests and there will be money at stake for the top three stories.

Yes, you read that right.

In 2009, crime will pay!


Unknown said...

Bring on the Money! Also check out Bad Things!

Messiah said...

Thanks for the plug!

I love this site.

Christopher Grant said...

You're welcome, Geoff.

And the feeling is mutual where it concerns your site.

You do a great service in helping people find crime fiction.

So, thank you, too.