Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Interlude #4

Let's hit two birds with this one, shall we?

Okay, more than two birds.

Chris Pimental's Bad Things is up and running. It's a very unique set-up, too, with all of the stories contained within a "book". Hey, I can't do it justice here. Go look at it, read it, leave your thoughts. It's really a fun format and there's a bunch of bad stories on the site. Bad as in good. Encore, Mr. Pimental, encore!

Crooked is now housed at a new domain and February's issue is just about full up. If you took the time to check it out and send something Geoff's way, thank you, as we have to have as many crime fiction sites as possible. The more outlets, the more crime fiction, the better off the web's footprint on the genre.

Third and final bit of business is to address the contest situation that I mentioned a couple weeks ago.

The first contest, as far as I can tell, should be held in March. I need a little bit of lead time to get it all set the way that I want it to be.

But I can tell you some of the specifics of the contest format.

First of all, as mentioned, and perhaps the most important detail, this will be a cash-winning contest, as will all of the contests.

At the moment, I'm thinking these will be quarterly contests. So, if the first is in March, the second will be in June, then September and finally December.

Each contest will revolve around a theme. Before the end of January, I will let you know what the theme of March's contest will be. It will, of course, be crime or noir-related.

But I digress back to the money...

First place will pay out $25, second will be $10 and third will be $5. At the end of the year, however, that may change to a slightly larger number. Winners will be notified by yours truly and we will work something out as far as payment goes. Rest assured, however, you will receive your cash prize.

This solves one of the potential stumbling blocks that I came up against in thinking this over. Originally, anyone that entered the contest would have had to provide me with an address. Some of you might be a bit squeamish about that so I will only require addresses once you are notified of your win.

Second comes the question of judging.

When a writer submits his or her work for an Edgar or a Hugo or a Shamus, they do so without their names on the manuscript. Since I can't figure out who is who by psychic power, you will have to submit your contest piece with your name on it.

However, because I don't want the judges to be biased towards anyone, only I will have the names of the writers. The submissions will be judged on their own merit.

Since I will know who wrote what, I recuse myself from the judging and will be picking a small panel of judges instead.

Sound fair?

Point three.

As always, you retain the rights to your stories and if you do not want your contest submission to appear on A Twist Of Noir, you may let me know after the contest is concluded and the winners announced.


Have fun and commit some great crime.


Mystery Dawg said...

I would love to be a contest judge? Are bribes allowed? JUST KIDDING

Christopher Grant said...


You must be a mindreader. You were one of the people I had in mind for this job.

So consider your name in the hat for the final panel.

As for the bribes, well, I guess it would depend on the bribe, wouldn't it? I mean, if someone's going to offer you their thousand acre estate, how can you say no?

Anyone else interested in being a judge, feel free to post a comment or drop me a line, if I don't drop one to you first.

P.S., Aldo, you do a damn fine job over at CrimeWav.

Gerard Brennan said...

This sounds very interesting. Looking forward to the theme revelation.

Keep up the great work