Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Twist Of Noir 088 - Jimmy Callaway


He let himself in, fumbling with the key card and the huge bouquet of roses he carried. As the heavy door swung shut behind him, he looked up and saw me. He held the flowers out in front of him a little, like a benediction.

I sat in the chair, legs crossed, gun in my lap. I smiled.

“Are you Karen’s new boyfriend?” he said.

“I work for Mr. Bob Romano,” I said.

“What? Where’s Karen?”

“She ain’t here, Skip.”

“What do you mean? She said she’d meet me here.”

“She sent you that e-mail ‘cause I gave her fifty bucks.” I shrugged. “She didn’t think twice about it, Skip.”

“No, no, that’s—no. She said she’d be here.”

“She lied.”

“No, Karen wouldn’t—no, that’s...”

“Look, Skip, I was sent by Mr. Bob Romano. You know what that...”

“Are you Karen’s new boyfriend?”

“What? No. Look, Skip, it’s nothing personal here. Mr. Bob Romano...”

“No, no, this is—this is...insane. Karen wouldn’t lie to me. She wouldn’t. This is insane.”

Shit. He’s telling me.

“Now, where is she?” he said, “Are you her new boyfriend? Are you...”

“Skip, look...”

“Are you! Are you her new boyfriend! I want the truth!”

“Oh,” I said, “All right.”

I shot him in the face.

Didn’t think twice about it.

BIO: Jimmy Callaway lives and works in San Diego, CA. Please check out Attention Children for more shenanigans.


Paul D Brazill said...

My fave misanthrope Mr Callaway once again kicks us in the eye. Satori in a steel toecapped boot. Cushty!

Joyce said...

That's cold, Jimmy, really cold. Love it.

Kevin Michaels said...

Kick ass story. Well done.

Cameron Ashley said...

Jimmy, my man, glad you didn't sit on this one for too long after all.

Jimmy Callaway said...

Thank you all so much, and I unthinkingly neglected to thank the above Mr. Ashley and Mr. Josh Converse for their guidance with this ditty. Thanks, boys.

Josh Converse said...

Dig the final version. Well done.