Friday, September 9, 2011

Interlude: Review Of Richard Godwin’s APOSTLE RISING

Richard Godwin’s APOSTLE RISING is something that many novels claim to be but fall extremely short of.

It is a true mystery.

What do I mean by “true mystery”?

Most novels that claim to be mysteries will give you a little bit here, a little bit there and by page twenty, you can either figure out exactly who’s going around, committing the crimes (or murders or whatever the novel’s thrust is), or the novelist has already revealed this important fact.

Richard Godwin gives you a little bit here, a little bit there but he holds his cards so very close to his vest and doesn’t spell it out for you, instead making you, almost daring you to figure it all out for yourself, without ever talking down or treating the audience like idiots.

The murders contained in the novel are not CSI/Law & Order Sanitized For Your Protection murders. They are what police the world over see every day before the cameras show up. Just remember, you’ve been warned.

If you can get past the gore, you will be rewarded by a story that won’t let you go. Even after you’ve put the thing down, read the last word, you’re still going to think about it. Weeks later, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t see that coming. And you’ll be asking what happens next, because, nope, it doesn’t tie up nice and neat with a bow on top.

APOSTLE RISING is quite frankly one of the best novels I’ve read, not just this year but ever.


Unknown said...

Many thanks for taking the time to review Richard's novel, Chris. It's one I've been meaning to read, but I held back as I'm currently staring at twenty odd new TBR novels on my bookshelves, and wondering when I'll find the time. This reminder tells me now is the time.

Ian Ayris said...

Agreed all down the line, Christopher. And the elegance of some of the prose is just astounding. And I have to say, I don't think I've ever been terrified by a book more.

But that's why we love Richard Godwin, isn't it? That juxtaposition between absolute horror and searing beauty.


Jenny Milchman said...

What an incredible review! You seized on the true heart of mystery--a puzzle that doesn't perform for the cameras. I will be very excited to read.

Unknown said...

Richard writes with the heart of the devil himself. AR is the darkest of noir made more so by the eloquence of the prose.
A must read for all whose imaginations take the shadowed side of the street.


Katherine Tomlinson said...

I'm with Col. The book is sitting on my desk (that's the interim step between TBR pile and actually reading) and I cannot wait. Thanks for the review.

Jayde Scott said...

I read this book a few months ago and thought it was extremely clever. Would recommend it to anyone who likes a book that will draw them in completely.

Paul Deadeye said...

When I first heard the premise of Apostle Rising, I immediately thought of the British Tv show MESSIAH with Ken Stott...
But this Novel is so much more and like the review said keeps you guessing all the way through it and doesnt gloss it or tie it up neat. This is gory, gritty crime mystery writing at its best.
Richard Godwin is the next Iain Rankin.