Friday, August 17, 2012

Introduction To Richard Godwin’s Battle For The Laughing City

Your friendly neighborhood editor/publisher here.

When Richard’s story Battle For The Laughing City was originally published at Thrillers, Killers N Chillers, it was met with both praise and derision. Mostly praise.

Those that didn’t care for the story seemed not to have a grasp of the English language (which is fine but a bit of brushing up never hurt nobody) or could not spell simple words or simply didn’t like the story and couldn’t help but get some of their frustrations out that it wasn’t a cookie cutter shiny vampire story (or the like).

Maybe it was because it wasn’t straight-up noir but rather a combination of various genres that had their underwear crawling up their asses (though, as it turned out, it was, in fact, not as many asses as previously believed; when it call came out in the wash, there seemed to be only one ass responsible for all the grief, using various names).

Whatever the case, I trust that this audience will have a better reaction to the story and those who do not care for it will simply move on about their day without feeling the need to spread any of their “love”.

Now, please enjoy Richard Godwin’s Battle For The Laughing City.


AJ Hayes said...

Yep. I remember the story and all the shit that person generated. All under pseudonyms, the coward. It's a crazy good tale of nightmare and more nightmare. And it's bloody good.

Christopher Grant said...

Exactly, AJ.

What I want to know (and I'm sure we'll never get to know this unless we find the twerp in the street sometime and corner him) is, did this moron really think that he was going to cause Richard to rethink whether or not he should be writing anything, let alone something like Battle For The Laughing City?

Richard looks at these idiots, laughs at them, picks them up and eats them for breakfast and craps them out at lunch.

Come on.

Yeah, he was really going to put a dent in Richard's armor, especially with his misspelled words and his constant use of the word crap, which apparently was the only word he knew how to spell, being so familiar with it.