Sunday, February 28, 2010


What's this? Has Christopher Grant lost his mind? Is he violating his own unwritten rule of not posting one of his stories on A Twist Of Noir?

Well, since it's for a contest at another site and is not, in any way, taking a spot away from a deserving writer, which was my unwritten rule, I think it's okay.

Please read my story, Jimmy's story and Cam's story and then head over to Dan O'Shea's Going Ballistic to check out other stories in the contest.

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DILLIGAF said...

As a newby...and not a writer...I naively entered. There is so much good stuff here it's almost frightening.

Anyroad. I'll read yours now and please feel free to read mine and leave me some advice? I'd love to be a writer but have no idea...

cheers old bean