Friday, March 5, 2010

Introduction To Jimmy Callaway’s Closed Captioned

I’m just doing a lot of new things today, ain’t I?

This is, as the title says, an introduction to Jimmy Callaway’s love letter to yours truly.

We have no plans to get married just yet.

Both Eric Beetner and Jimmy have been urging me to do something more than just the one-off with whatever that Deaf Guy’s name is and I can assure you that something will be happening. What it is ain’t exactly clear. (Buffalo Springfield, eat your heart out!)

In the meantime, Jimmy has taken it upon himself to do exactly what he threatened and has written a story starring the Deaf Guy (still haven’t quite caught his name).

The cool thing about Jimmy’s story (and all of Jimmy’s stories are cool) is that he took just one of the remaining senses that our hero has, that of sight, and has run with it.

As I told Jimmy (after his story came in), the key to this character is that you incorporate as many of his remaining senses as possible. I sort of, unconsciously, did this in my story REVERBERATIONS, with only the sense of touch or feel put in intentionally.

Jimmy, however, proved me wrong with CLOSED CAPTIONED, focusing purely, as I said, on the sense of sight.

And, as serious as he was in REVERBERATIONS, our hero (goddamn, he’s going to tell me his name or so help me...) shows a lighter side in CC, even while doing what he does best.

I bow to the genius that is Mr. Callaway.


Cameron Ashley said...

What I am really really digging is what's happening around our haunts of late. A while back, I think I drunkenly posted on one of Chad Eagleton's stories about how great so many people are and how we need to rise up into some sort of punk neo-noir mass. Or something silly like that. This idea is what prompted me to get Crime Factory exhumed and resuscitated. Jimmy and I have teamed up (not published yet) Keith and Chad have been working on stories, you've allowed Jimmy to run with your character. My silly pisshead comment actually appears to be coming true to some degree. Fucking Right On, I say.

Christopher Grant said...


Keith and I had this kind of conversation a while back and I just said, you know, why piss on everyone when you can all do the best writing you can do and compliment each other on it?

It's the whole reason that I'll promote whomever I'm reading and digging, whereas, in other genres or venues, you might end up with a bunch of sour fucks that would rather trample all over each other.

If Jimmy (or anyone else) wants to run with my characters, as long as they're not prostituting him or her, I have absolutely no problem.

Anyone wants to write a Greta story that does the character a good turn, have at it. Run it by me first or get it published here at ATON. I'm only going to be territorial if you royally fuck that character up.

Why make enemies when we can all elevate each other?