Friday, August 6, 2010

A Twist Of Noir 530 - Tom Larsen


He’d been dreaming it for so long, even socked away money in the event. Then the towers came down and there it was, a way out. His attorney’s office was in the Trade Center and his was a familiar face. Insurance would take care of the family, his rat bastard partners would get the shaft and the sad fact is no one would miss him.

So he did it. Hopped a bus at Port Authority and a plane in Newark and was set up in Vieques before the dust settled.

And it was going so well. Sleepy island paradise, no questions asked. Then he ran into Rolph, what are those fucking chances? Rolph had no clue but knew people he knew. Sooner or later, the jig would be up.

So it wasn’t like he had a choice.

BIO: Tom Larsen has been a fiction writer for fifteen years, his work has appearing in Newsday, New Millennium Writing, Puerto del Sol and Antietam Review. His short story “Lids” was included in Best American Mystery Stories – 2004. His novel FLAWED was released in October. He’s been published here before.

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