Monday, November 17, 2008


Just the editor stepping out of the shadows to yammer for a moment.

For those that haven't been here until now, welcome to A Twist Of Noir. Please check out the five stories that we have here already and, if you're up for the challenge, fire something off in this direction. Maybe you'll see your name here soon.

Check out the links, too.

For those that have been here, I hope you like the place. It will be constantly changing and never boring.

A handful of sites and people behind those sites have contributed to sending people in my direction and I'm forever in their debt. In no particular order, they are:

Seth Harwood at Crimewav has been very gracious in pimping out the site to all of his listeners, as well as the viewers of the Crimewav site. Thank you so much, Seth.

Nathan Cain at IndependentCrime, has also been telling everyone to check out the site, netting me Gary Dobbs and his excellent story seen here. Thanks, Nathan.

And Geoff Eighinger at Eastern Standard Crime, who has reviewed three of the five stories we have up and will himself be opening up a crime E-Zine in January.

Also, check Chris Pimental's Bad Things out. Chris will restarting Bad Things in January but is accepting submissions right this very minute. I feel like I stepped all over Chris's toes, due to the fact that he put out his announcement that he was restarting Bad Things the night before I announced that I was starting up A Twist Of Noir. So go show Chris some love, too.

Okay, interlude over. Let's get on with the noir.


Patricia said...

Thanks for what you have created here!

Christopher Grant said...

You're absolutely welcome.