Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Twist Of Noir 002 - Stephen D. Rogers

BUTTHEAD - Stephen D. Rogers

They were tooling around town when the driver in front of them flicked a cigarette out his window.

"Did you see that? Fucking guy thinks the world is his ashtray."

"He just don't give a hoot."

They hung back and followed him until he turned down a secondary road, no other cars in sight. Accelerated to pass and then cut right to force him onto the shoulder. Into a tree.

Asking if he knew the penalties for littering, they dragged him from the car, and then kept him pinned to the ground by standing on his chest.

"What's your name?"


"Instead of just laying there like a piece of shit, why don't you light a cigarette for us?" They laughed. "I'd do it myself, but it's a filthy habit."

The tremble in George's hand complicated the process.

"Thanks. I'll take that."

They poised for action, ready to counter any response. "We saw you flick your cigarette out the window back there. Since sparks flew when it hit the pavement, you didn't even stamp it out. Like this."

George arched his back as the lit cigarette seared his cheek.

"Scream all you want. Actually, make sure you save some breath because this wasn't the last cigarette you'll be lighting for us."

"Hey, look at that. His face is smoking. I better stamp it out before we start a forest fire."

They spent the next hour alternately burning and kicking, rewarded in the end with the knowledge that George would never pollute again.

Bio: Over five hundred of Stephen's stories and poems have been selected to appear in more than a hundred publications. His website,, includes a list of new and upcoming titles as well as other timely information.

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Damn. Hard, hard stuff.