Friday, September 18, 2009


Michael J. Solender has Friday Flash Syndrome at his blog Not From Here, Are You? and, just in time, The Patient Will See You Now.

I don't know whether or not Michael knows this but this was the very first story that he sent to me when he decided to allow me the pleasure of printing his tales.

Meanwhile, Col Bury has put GAME, SET AND MATCH on Thrillers, Killers 'N' Chillers.

Hey, this thing won the August One Word Challenge at the Writers News Talkback forum! If that doesn't say go read it, what does?

And, also over at TKNC, David Barber asks the question SUICIDE...OR NOT.

When you get to the end, I think you'll agree. Not suicide. Definitely not.

As rule, you should never keep photos of you and some other woman (not your wife) screwing around.


Because everything seems to be slipping through the cracks with me lately, I missed mentioning Keith Rawson's third Short Thoughts On Short Fiction is up.

In the gunsights this week, Eric Beetner's BROTHERLY LOVE, Nick Quantrill's SIDE ORDERS and Frank Bill's FLESH RULE.

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