Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Last day to get your stories in to Eric Beetner to qualify for his contest.

Unless Eric says different, that is.

But with the number of entries that seem to have been flying in, I tend to doubt he's going to extend the deadline. Plus, we've got that drop-dead date of October 15 for the winner to be announced and the winner to be presented here at ATON.

Somehow I don't think Eric's going to be changing anything.

Get 'em in before midnight and you won't turn into a pumpkin.

Meanwhile, head over to The Flash Fiction Offensive and check out MONDAY by Rachel Blackbirdsong. I can guarantee you won't want to visit prison and you'll wish the week went waaay fast after this.

While you're there, take a JOYRIDE with Grant Wamack. Just be sure Grandpa's out cold for the night.

I've introduced another new female at Thrillers, Killers 'N' Chillers. This time, it's LILY.

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Eric Beetner said...

True Christopher. Submissions are closed. Thanks to all who sent in a story. Some great stuff in there. I do not envy the mystery judges their task of picking a top three.