Friday, October 9, 2009


I'm behind on these, I know, so for all those mentioned, please forgive me.

First of all, Keith Rawson.

Talk about busy.

Keith has a new tale, as only he can tell them, up at The Flash Fiction Offensive titled JUST A SMALL PIECE OF YOU.

But that's not all.

Keith also has an interview with James Sallis, yes, James Sallis over at BSCreview.

Go look at both.

But don't stop there.

When you're finished, go over to THE DOGFIGHT and check out Chapter Six: Just The Right Bullets.

This thirteen part series has been my drug of choice on the weekend. Brian Roe and Chad Eagleton are doing just a stupendous job with this story.

And then go back and have a look at The FFO for another ATON regular, Tom Leins, who wants you to know that DEATH IS MY SLEAZY PAY.

Tom, as always, tears it up and in breathtaking fashion.

Finally, check out the next three stories right here, all of them by Robert Crisman, who has just been on fire with the stories that he's been writing for ATON. I'm jealous at just how prolific he is.

These three are little bit different in tone than what he's been writing but all of them are excellent, all have their funny moments but, like all of Robert's stuff, they have their human moments, too.


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