Monday, October 19, 2009


But wait! There's more!

Michael J. Solender is the first one out of the (body) chute over at Erin Cole's Listen To The Voices, as she hosts 13 Days Of Horror.

That's thirteen days of one spinetingling, bone-chilling story after another and so on until Halloween.

And who the hell doesn't like spinetingling, bone-chilling stories? And who the hell doesn't love Halloween?

Mr. Solender's story, titled ORANGE DOT, will give you the creeps. As someone that has a daily walk starting at three in the morning, I've seen some strange things and experienced some chilling things but never have I seen what Michael describes here.

At least not yet.

So go check the story and Erin's entire site out and come back there again tomorrow for another tale of terror as 13 Days Of Horror is just getting started.

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Joyce said...

Sure do love a good scare!