Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Twist Of Noir 221 - Ron D’Alena


Russell! Oh, Russell, I’m so glad you’re home. No, please don’t turn on the lamp. There’s enough light coming through the window from the carport. Yes, I like it dark. I don’t know, maybe it’s the way I feel.

Why don’t you come here and sit down? It’s a big couch and I’m lonely... Okay, so stand. It doesn’t bother me at all if you stand. I’m just glad you’re home.

You know…the way you treat me makes me drink. It’s wrong of you to make me drink... Shhh, people in the next apartment will hear you.

But, when you’re out, I can’t stand it. Oh, I know you can’t help yourself. But, Jesus, Russell, I miss you and I don’t know what you’re doing when you’re out.

Please hush! Don’t tell me I don’t want to know. I’m just glad you came home...

No, I don’t want to hear about the others. I don’t want to hear about the drinking, either. Yes, I know you’ve been drinking, but I don’t want to hear about it – it’s as if the devil himself is putting words into your mouth.

Still, I know you love me. What? Okay, so maybe I’m not so smart. I just know you’re the man I love. My big strong man. You can see that, can’t you?

Come now, come to bed with me. That’s it. We’re almost there. Soon things will change. Because, I just know. Here, I’ll take off your shoes. Now lie down and let me put my arms around you. When you’re holding me like this, I know you’re mine. You’re my man. There’s no one else for me.

Please, stop crying. I can’t stand it when you cry. Just lie down and get comfortable. No more talking. I’ll be right back.

What is it? It’s for you, just drink it. It’ll help your headache and make you sleep like a little baby. Yes, I’m sure. There, there, that’s a good boy. My big strong boy.

Yes, I know you’ll never cheat on me again.

Yes, I know you won’t take my money anymore.

Yes, I believe you.

Come on, lover, just finish up, drink it all, drink every little drop.

That’s a good boy.

BIO: Ron D’Alena was born in San Francisco, earned an MBA at the University of San Francisco, and now lives in Southern Oregon with his wife and son. Since 9/08, his work has appeared or is forthcoming in A cappella Zoo, Word Riot, Cause & Effect Magazine, Johnny America, Goldfish Press, Falling Star Magazine, Persephonous Blue, Johnny America Online, Underground Voices Annual Anthology 2009, EDGE, and Slipstream.


Joyce said...

This is terrific. Great build-up, then bang! Loved it.

Al Tucher said...

Welcome, Ron. Good noir job.

Jazz n Jams said...

Russell never saw it coming. They never do..

Nicely done Ron, Chandler or Hammett?

Ron said...

Thank you for reading and for your comments.
When I wrote this piece I was thinking of the all the noir films I’ve seen – light from off-screen sources/shadows/the build before the one-two punch/the style of dialog. Some of my favorites: The Asphalt Jungle (John Huston), The Killing, On Dangerous Ground...too many to mention. I was also listening to Mogwai during the writing – the same disk I’ve listen to for the last five of my stories.
And, yes, I've read Hammett, but not Chandler.
If you liked “Last Homecoming”, you may like another of my stories recently posted here:

Ron said...
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Ron said...
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