Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Interlude: More Stories To Check Out

Sandra Seamans has another excellent tale up at Thrillers, Killers 'N' Chillers.

Entitled Once Upon A Blue Moon, this thing is creepy and will make you wish you wrote it. Trust me.

And one that fell through the cracks for a moment, David Price's The Lot.

And you won't see the ending coming if you try, even if you try to think about it.


sandra seamans said...

Thanks so much, Christopher!!

Christopher Grant said...

You're welcome, Sandra.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Christopher for mentioning my story. Through your site you are a great support for all the struggling writers. David Price

Christopher Grant said...


I'm glad to be of service to everyone that writes. We all need to stick together and stand on each other's shoulders, helping each other up to the top of the pyramid.

Wow! Who knew I had such flowery prose in me?

In other words, you're welcome.