Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Three more at Thrillers, Killers 'N' Chillers.

If you haven't already partaken...

Col Bury's Fly Boy

Lee Hughes's The Jesus People

And Yours Truly's For The Record

At Powder Burn Flash, Paul Brazill's excellent The Postman Cometh is still on the main page until (I would assume) later today.

And over at The Flash Fiction Offensive...

Jake Hinkson's Keep It Stupid, Simple

Jason Duke's Bloody Sunday

Paul Brazill's Cold Blooded Moon


Walter Conley's My Mother Is Not My Mom

Check them all out, give us all a comment (if you'd be so kind) and I think I can speak for everyone mentioned here when I say...enjoy.

UPDATE: As some of you may have noticed, I transposed the words Burn and Flash up above. I think you all know what I meant but I like to get it right, as much as possible. My thanks to Col Bury for catching the error, which allowed me not to look like too much of a fool for too much longer and change it. I'm sure it won't be the last time. Something for you to look for out there.

Also, while you're off checking out all of these stories, go have a look at the new one up at Powder Burn Flash (didn't blow it that time...phew!), Cormac Brown's The Trees.


Col Bury said...

Thanks for the link.
Already read some of these crackers n will be checking the rest out forthwith.
Nice one, Chris!

Paul Brazill said...

Every one a gem, as Arthur Askey used to say. Ta for the hat tip!

Lee Hughes said...

Cheers for the mention Chris!

Col Bury said...

It happens to us all that, mate.
I recently entered an online one word challenge comp' on a writers' forum and checked it, double-checked it, treble...
Submitted it, then noticed 'barren' was spelt 'baron!'
I was pleased with the story, but whenever I look at it, Baron terrain smacks me in the chops! Sounds like a member of the aristocracy!

Lee Hughes said...

Col, pity I just posted my story for the challenge. Could've wangled in a Baron Terrain. Bringing him alive now. He's a heathen loan-shark with a soft spot for people with club-feet as his grandmother had one. He works the Fantum Estate area. They say you can tell who's rich in the Fantum area as they publicly play guitar. The poor, the ones that borrowed and couldn't pay back, well broken fingers don't play music too good! A tenner a week should keep him away Col. . . .

Jason Duke said...
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Jason Duke said...

Appreciate the shout out buddy. It's a privilege to be mentioned alongside top notch writers like yourselves.