Thursday, July 23, 2009


Jason Duke tells everyone to Fuck The World over at Pulp Pusher.

I'm guessing the story is relatively new (it still has that tag on it).

Jason weaves a hell of a tale that has the narrator growing right before our eyes. He's definitely not the same guy at the end of the story that he is at the beginning.

This is a great story and you owe it to yourself to read it if you haven't. And if you have, read it again.


Keith Rawson said...

it's a good one, Christopher. And Jason's a hell of a writer and one cool guy on top of that. This is a nice new feature, by the way.

Christopher Grant said...

Glad you like it, Keith.

As I told David Price the other day, I think we need to stand on each other's shoulders to help us all reach the top of the pyramid.

Whatever I can do to help that happen and to promote everyone that's writing for ATON (or not, as long as they are good stories), I'll do.

Jason Duke said...

Christopher, you are too kind buddy. Thanks again for the shout outs. I want to see more of that sexy femme fatale Greta, so keep em coming. And Keith, you're no slouch either, still keeping an eye out for the release of the much anticipated Marmalade. It's a privilege to know you guys and be counted among a circle of such amazing writers.

Christopher Grant said...

We'll see what I can do about Greta.

As for the shout outs, you're welcome. Keep writing great shit.

And the feeling is mutual on the privilege of knowing you and being amongst this circle.

A year ago, I was on an island of my own, writing stories and only knowing names like Keith's and Sandra's and Patti's but not interacting with them.

A year later, I'm talking with a number of people that I'd never in a million years imagine I'd get the chance to talk with.

So, you're welcome, Jason, and it's a pleasure to know and talk with you.