Monday, July 20, 2009


Check out Keith Rawson's latest story on The Flash Fiction Offensive.

Entitled The Blood, The Shattered Glass and All The Rest, this is Keith Rawson at his best. In other words, fucking great.

Wait until you get to that last paragraph, where the story derives its title.

And wouldn't you want a drink after what the narrator has to go through in a day?

And considering his mother-in-law is drinking front of him while his wife, who you know told her mom all about what she was making him do, sits idly by...

As he asks, "What else did you expect?"



David Cranmer said...

Keith is firing on all cylinders.

Keith Rawson said...

Christopher--Thanks for the love, man. It always kind of blows me away that people even read my shit. Seriously, it's flattering, and I've always appreciated your support for my stories.

David--Can't wait for my BTAP debut, I'm psyched, brother!

Paul Brazill said...

A cracking story.