Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Another of my stories is now up at Flash Fiction Offensive titled JUST BUSINESS.

That's two this week. I must have eaten my Wheaties.

As a bit of an aside, there may be some of you out there wondering why I don't just post something I've written here on ATON.

When I started ATON, I made an unspoken promise not to post my own fiction for two reasons.

Reason one was because I was opening this site for submissions from others. I wanted to help out after a number of other sites for crime and noir closed. I enjoyed reading everyone else's stories on sites like Muzzle Flash and Demolition Mag and when they closed, I missed that. So this site was for everyone else except for me to post at.

I have read every last word that has made its way to my mailbox and enjoyed the hell out of that unique experience. Yes, even when I have gotten some duds or something in need of revision (and those have been very, very few).

Reason two is because it would be unfair to everyone. To say no to someone else while putting my own story up is just slashing my throat to spite my ego.

I also enjoy that roller coaster feeling that you get when you send something out there, to live or die on its own merits, to see it make it and stand out there for comment and scrutiny. It never gets old and I love that feeling.

So, if you ever see anything that I've written on ATON (with the exception of these interludes or a comment about someone else's story or something off-site that I'm helping to promote), worry because it will mean the site is in trouble.

With all of the great fiction that comes into my mailbox on a near-daily basis, I don't think that day will ever come.

So I hope you check out my stuff elsewhere, and while you're at Thrillers, Killers 'N' Chillers or Flash Fiction Offensive or Powder Burn Flash, check out what everyone else has to offer, too.


Jason Duke said...

Good job buddy. It's always cool getting word back that your story's made it in a mag. I also get a kick out of sending my stories out to fend for themselves, and commend your decision not to self publish.

Paul Brazill said...

Good to see your work around.

Matt Hilton said...

Strike number three...Greta at the Tracks is now up at TKnC