Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Interlude: Video Crime/Noir

From Jimmy Callaway, writer of The Truth Is People Are Fucking Morons and Premise, Set-Up, Punchline, comes...



It's slightly clipped on the right side of the frame, so if an inch or a little less matters to you, I urge you to check out this flick in all its glory (and it is glorious, ain't it?) at If You Died Today, Who Would Take Care Of Your Family?

I think this film is just brilliant and I'd love to see more of this from anyone out there.

I guess I just opened up the site to crime/noir-oriented videos.

Like the prose fiction, these stories must be crime/noir. All of the guidelines to the right apply. Do these vids well and you could see yours on ATON.

Congratulations, Jimmy, on a film well done.


Jason Duke said...

Outstanding job. Loved it buddy, truly great work. Look forward to more of these.

Lee Hughes said...

Top notch!

Christopher Grant said...

Weirdness, thy name is Blogger.

I added the post under this one because the comments button wasn't showing up here.

I just came here a moment ago and the comments button is there.

I go to remove the post underneath and, for shits and giggles, I used the go back button.

You guessed it. The comments button on this one disappeared again.

Everyone can leave their comments, even if they are duplicated, at either post. Maybe it's just my browser.

I get off the stage now and let Jimmy take it back.

By the way, Jason, Jimmy says there will be a follow-up to If You Were To Die video form. Can't wait, either.

Jimmy Callaway said...

You are all perfect darlings, and I could eat every one of you up for breakfast. Your kind words are a buoy in a sea of whatevers. Seriously, thank you all so much.

Obviously, I can't take all the credit, even as much as I'd like to. Chuck, Rochester, Chris and Sarah (and her lovely assistant Jenifer) all did a bang-up job, suffering through the sweaty day and my bad cooking.

And of course, big, huge ups to our own Christopher Grant, who gave the story a home in the first place, and has been nothing but supportive and a joy to work with.

I sound like a bullshit Oscar acceptance speech. But it's no bullshit, folks, trust and believe.

The follow-up is in the prepatory stages right now. We wanna take our time with this one, so it may be a while, but we'll be back like rebels making trouble soon enough.


Paul D Brazill said...

It's brilliant stuff. Multi talented man, mr c.