Friday, August 7, 2009


Al Tucher has another glimpse into Diana Andrews' life for you at The Flash Fiction Offensive.

Titled A Guy Walks Into A Bar, it's a very timely tale (if you've been reading anything about New Jersey of late) and Diana discovers someone from the past and something new about herself.

Al always writes hellaciously good stories and this one is no different.

Keith Rawson has a story that will fuck you up at Eastern Standard Crime. Titled The Shed Out Back, I've commented already that it's vintage Keith. I just love how he leads you one way and then smacks you in the face with a lead pipe. Page down through the July Bullet Awards and you'll find the body of the story.

The Shed Out Back, by the way, took first runner-up in the Flash Fiction Category in the July Bullet Awards. Congrats, Keith.

And, speaking of Bullet Awards for July, I was shocked and humbled to see that Greta At The Track and Just Business went one-two in the category of Mini Fiction. Thanks go to Col Bury and Matt Hilton over at Thrillers, Killers 'N' Chillers and Rey Gonzalez at The Flash Fiction Offensive for housing these two stories.

Libby Cudmore took second runner-up in the Mini contest with Props, located right here on A Twist Of Noir.

And, thanks to all of you, A Twist Of Noir placed third in the category of Best Publication!


Unknown said...

And with me being the asshole that I am, I didn't know Geoff would be publishing the entries so I also sent it over to PowderBurn Flash. I've never done the Simultaneous submission thing before, so I kind of feel like an ass

Unknown said...

And BTW, Christopher, awesome job! You deserved it!

Christopher Grant said...

The thing of it is, I didn't even know that I had been nominated in the Mini Fiction category or that ATON had been nominated in the Best Publication category.

So, whomever did so, I thank you.

Where it regards the simultaneous submission, I think Aldo will cut you some slack.

Well, here's hoping anyway. The Shed is just so knock-you-on-your-ass that it deserves to be seen in as many places as possible.

Paul D Brazill said...

Well deserved congratulations all round.