Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Twist Of Noir 135 - Des Nnochiri


"Took me, for $5,000. Not a bad night's work..."

Lily's voice filtered through, from the adjacent bedroom.

Corinne collapsed on the bed, in a fit of giggles. But not on account of Lily.

Ramon had issued her and the other girls with novelty rubbers - the "proceeds" from a job he'd done for the Santoro outfit. They had little Daffy Duck heads on their - well, heads. You just couldn't take them seriously.

Vanessa was talking. Again. She had her serious face on.

"So, you're clear on what's going to happen tonight."

Corinne, still giggling, rolled her eyes and said, "Moretti comes in at 10, for his usual--"

"With the briefcase," Vanessa cut her off.

"With the briefcase."

"You take him round the world a couple times, then..."

Vanessa's look was expectant.

Corinne, no giggling now, slid one hand beneath the mattress. Withdrew it, then held out the gleaming ice-pick.

"Then, it's goodnight."

Vanessa nodded. "Okay."

BIO: Desmond (Des) Nnochiri was born on May 13th, 1965 to the family of Ambassador Pascal Nnochiri, of the Nigerian Foreign Service. He spenthis early years traveling with his parents, and was educated in England, the USA, and the Republic of Ireland (Eire). A film buff and avid reader, he spent several years at the Architectural Association in London, England - where multiple disciplines and mixed media are a way of life. He writes freelance now, and has taken his first steps into the world of screenwriting.

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