Thursday, August 27, 2009


Keith Rawson's in The Shed Out Back at Powder Burn Flash.

If this story looks familiar, it should be. It's at Eastern Standard Crime, as well.

The reason for the (almost) simultaneous submission is due to a mix-up, something Keith told me he has never done before.

We've all been there, Keith. We all make mistakes.

It'd be a HUGE mistake if any of you missed out on The Shed Out Back. Make sure you don't. And, even if you've read it, read it again.

While you're at PBF, be sure to thank Aldo for everything that he does.

After that, head on over to Pulp Pusher and read Stephen D. Rogers' Tenant-At-Will.

I always love it when characters think they're going to get away with something and then they have to go even further over the line than they've already gone.

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